Welcome to SpM’s documentation!

This is a documentation of Sparse Modeling (SpM) tool for analytical continuation.

What is SpM ?

A sparse-modeling tool for computing the spectral function from the imaginary-time Green function. It removes statistical errors in quantum Monte Carlo data, and performs a stable analytical continuation. The obtained spectral function fulfills the non-negativity and the sum rule. The computation is fast and free from tuning parameters.


This package is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3).

We kindly ask you to cite the article

J. Otsuki, M. Ohzeki, H. Shinaoka, K. Yoshimi, “Sparse modeling approach to analytical continuation of imaginary-time quantum Monte Carlo dataPhys. Rev. E 95, 061302(R) (2017).

in publications that includes results obtained using this package.